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Ki ET LA Kids Sunglasses Butterfly Style 9-12 Years


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The new CraZyg-Zag Ki ET LA shades are totally mad and designed for children who are always on the move so their lightweight, flexible and highly-resistant materials are ideal for kids who lead action-packed lives. Round, Aviator and Butterfly-shaped, you’re going to love our 3 super-stylish oversize shapes.

KI ET LA Sunglasses for 6 to 9 years old - 3 different shapes in 4 different colours!

Key features:


INNOVATION: Frame in two materials with ultra-flexible ZigZag hinges so you can bend the arms in any direction.

Extra Protection

  • Polarised category 3 lenses in polycarbonate
  • Anti-UVA, UVB and UVC filter.
  • Anti-blue light filter to reduce glare.
  • 3 Oversize shapes to completely cover and protect kids’ eyes.

100% comfort

  • Featherweight glasses for everyday comfort.
  • Range of soft and original materials: Soft Touch, metal-effect and crystal.

100% eco-friendly

Reusable and recyclable cardboard packaging.

100% smart

The lenses in Ki ET LA shades can be replaced by corrective lenses. Ask your optician for advice.

Comes with:
A box, soft pouch and instructions.

Polarised lenses in polycarbonate.

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