Sophie la girafe Made in France Holiday Bag

Sophie la girafe

  • S$ 69.90

Great for a gift or a holiday pack for your little one. This lovely gift bag contains:

  • Original Sophie la girafe teether
  • Sophie la girafe Vanilla teething ring
  • Twist rattle

All the items are made in France! BPA and Phthalates Free. 

Sophie la girafe - The original natural rubber teether

Sophie la girafe is the best natural teether for your baby. Made from 100% natural rubber and food quality paint, Sophie la girafe stimulates your baby's five senses. Since 1961, Sophie la girafe has been handmade in France using 14 manual operations. Sophie la girafe is trusted by millions of parents worldwide, and continues to be the best teether for your baby.

Sophie la girafe Vanilla Teething Ring

Sophie la girafe Vanilla Teether is soft and has a nice vanilla scent to it! It is a handy teether in a cute size for a little one. With a large rings, babies can practise their grasp and cling on to it while chewing to soothe those sore gums! 

The ring has a textured surfaces for baby to feel and give comfort to their liking. Parents also can attach a strap on the ring to prevent little ones from dropping them! How fantastic!

Twist Rattle

With its soft colours and rounded shapes, it's a favourite among babies! Two balls that baby can spin to see the colours change and Sophie la girafe's head go round and round. Easy to grasp and handle thanks to its shape adapted to baby's little hands.

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