Traumeland Breathable Mattress - Dreamily (2 Sizes)


  • S$ 154.00
  • Save S$ 84

Mattress ventilated on both sides for a healthy sleeping climate. Suitable for infants, toddlers and children, 0 to 4 years old.

Mattress Cover - Cotton Polyester


The cotton-polyester mattress cover consists of 44 % cotton and 56 % polyester. Quilted with washable fleece to produce a cuddly lying surface for your baby. Elastic, air-permeable, washable up to 60 °C and suitable for gentle machine drying.

Mattress Core

Dreamily Core
  • cold foam core with good point-by-point elasticity for good lying comfort
  • horizontal and vertical air channels in the foam for good air circulation in the mattress core

Not too hard and not too soft

 Point-by-point Elasticity

Because the spines of new-born babies are not yet fully developed, a point-by-point elastic mattress core is of particular importance in the first months of life.

As the innovation leaders regarding baby mattresses, we undertake pressure measurements using a sensor measuring device, which provides us with information on the lying position of the babies. In this way, we can consistently further develop our products in order to offer your baby the best-possible sleeping place.

Baby & Toddler Side

Depending on the weight of the baby, the mattress core has two different degrees of hardness in order to protect the spine. It is recommended to turn the baby side over to the toddler side from a weight of 12 kilograms.

Ventilated & Breathable

The combination of air-permeable mattress covers and ventilation systems in the mattress core ensure that your baby can breathe freely and does not sweat in their bed. Air channels and breathable materials cause the air within the mattress to circulate. CO2 exhaled by the baby is transported away, and unhealthy heat accumulations are avoided.

Washing & Care Instructions


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