World Penguin Day (25th April)

World Penguin Day (25th April)

Penguins are some of the most adorable and lovable creatures and have some of the best durability that’s known among the animal kingdom. So, why not dedicate a day to this flightless birds? World Penguin Day (every 25th April) is an educative initiative that encourages people to learn more about penguins, their environment, and how important they are to the ecosystem. 

World Penguin Day takes place during the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins, a species of penguin that is native to Antarctica. The Adelie penguins individually migrate north to have better access to food during the winter months and then during the summer, return to the coastal beaches on Antarctica to build their nests. The holiday was created at McMurdo Station, an American research center on Ross Island. Researchers noticed that the Adelie penguins began this migration specifically on this day, and they created this holiday as a way to pass the time and give social awareness to these creatures. 


Snoozebaby - Sensory Cuddle Toy - Pimmy Pim

Pimmy Pim - He's not only adorable, he's also cute as a finger or hand puppet which you can enjoy hours of fun and stories you tell others (and yourself). In light grey textured material, Pimmy Pim is so soft and cuddly to play with. There are tags on Pimmy Pim for sensory discovery and play!

Made in Turkey
Made of 50% cotton / 50% polyester.
Length: 19cm



    Sophie la girafe - Double Ice Bite Teething Ring

    he Double Ice Bite Teething Ring is the perfect relief for baby's sore gums and also look at how cute Sophie la girafe is! This two rings gives baby extra areas to grab on and chew away. The classic colours of Sophie la girafe is able to help with baby's senses while soothing and stimulating baby's uncomfortable gums.

    The cold from the cooling rings anaesthetises the pain caused by teething while its easy to grasp and handle.

      Suitable for 3months and up.

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      Snoozebaby - Cheerful Playing Playmat

      The Cheerful Playing playmat is a must-have for every living room. Perfect for play time or afternoon naps, the Cheerful Playing provides a soft and cozy mat for your baby and kids. This playmat fits most playpens as well. With 18 different tags along the perimeter, this unique playmat provides sensory fun and learning, and stimulates rolling, reaching and crawling.

      The perimeter is made of Coral and the inside is 100% cotton jersey.

      Being made in Turkey, its an item worth keeping. It comes in 2 different sizes

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      Traumeland Mattress Cover

      Cuddly soft fitted sheets made from 100 % TENCEL®

      • TENCEL® ensures a particularly dry, healthy sleeping climate
      • TENCEL® is as soft as silk and therefore particularly compatible with baby's skin
      • Naturally hygienic
      • Breathable and temperature-regulating
      • Outstanding tensile force and good expandability
      • Quick and simple to put on
      • Fits fold-free due to the stitched-down corners and all-round elasticated
      • Does not need ironing
      • Fits 60x120cm, 70x140cm and 70x130cm mattresses

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      SWIMTRAINER "Classic"

      • ideal swimming position in the water
      • inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
      • adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards

      All SWIMTRAINER "Classic" are made of robust PVC and the practical clip fastener and inflatable shoulder straps allow fast and secure fitting. 

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      Traumeland Cot Mattresses

      • Comes in various sizes
      • Unique Core for each mattress
      • Baby & Toddler Sides
      • Wetness Protection
      • Ventilated & Breathable

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