About us

Babybrands Asia is the ecommerce arm of Sophie & Friends Singpaore, a distributor of exceptional baby and mummy brands in Asia. We're zealous about products of high quality, excellent design and both practical and useful to mums, dads and their children. Being parents ourselves, we want the best for our children too. We test the products that we sell extensively, both to make sure they are safe for our customers, and also to make sure they are useful to fellow parents.

A little while ago: 

A little while ago, our founder DY, started the business with the idea to bring the best products in the world for babies in Asia. Our first product, Sophie la girafe, was discovered by DY when he was looking for a teether for his son.

The options available in the market were many water-filled foot-shaped teethers of unknown origins. DY had one of these teethers, and he got very concerned about the origin of the teether, especially the water, since his son was chewing the teether.

Long story short, DY found a market of like-minded parents who want the best for their babies for Sophie la girafe, and has since brought in various exciting brands from Europe such as Cheeky Chompers, Ki ET LA, Milestone, Freds Swim Academy and Snoozebaby.

Our Brands

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Our products are available in top stores all over Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.