5 reasons why your baby should have his own mattress

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We get it.. having a baby is really expensive! There's the perfect stroller, 4 position 360 degree baby carrier, UV sterilizer, best baby bottles, hands-free breast pump and not to mention, diapers.....  It is only natural to look for bargains to help save a little on the items that you need for your little one. Carousell, gumtree, locanto are various places that you can look for pre-loved items  to help ease budget constraints.

While pre-loved items are a great way to stretch your budget, there are some items that need to be new for your baby. Your hand-me-down cot may come with a crib mattress, or a friend may be giving you their old cot mattress, but here's 5 reasons why it is important to buy a new cot mattress for your baby:

  1. Hygiene Concerns
  2. Improper Fit
  3. Proper Support for your baby
  4. Condition of the mattress
  5. SIDS Risk

1. Hygiene Concerns

Allergies and skin conditions can be caused through mattresses which are passed down from siblings or second hand. In addition, mould fungi collects more frequently in used mattresses, which is generated through liquids which have leaked into the mattress core. Baby mattresses face the risk of getting wet by pee or poo than adults' mattresses.

2. Improper Fit

The pre-loved cot mattress that you receive or wish to buy may not fit your cot correctly. To test if you have the right sized mattress, use the two-finger test. There should not be enough space between the sides of the cot and the mattress to fit 2 fingers.

3. Proper Support for your Baby

A good cot mattress should be firm and offer the correct support for your baby. A firm mattress helps reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). With a used cot mattress, there may be a chance that the mattress may have lost the firmness to correctly support your newborn, and can pose a health risk to your baby.

4. Condition of the Mattress

The physical condition of the cot mattress is vital. The foam of the mattress should not be peeling off, or the spring in the mattress should not be broken. Some of these damage may not be seen easily, and can be prevented by purchasing a new mattress for your baby. 

5. SIDS Risk

In November 2002, researches from the Scottish Cot Death Trust in Glasgow found an association between regularly sleeping a baby on a used infant mattress and increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

As such, parents should look to buy their own cot mattresses for their babies. At Babybrands, we distribute a best-in-class brand of baby mattresses from Austria called Traeumeland (this means dreamland in German). We believe this brand of mattresses are the best that you can buy for your baby. If you want to know more about them or how to choose the model for your baby, contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

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