7 reasons why Nimble Milk Buster is better for washing your baby bottle

7 reasons why Nimble Milk Buster is better for washing your baby bottle

Yeah Baby

Is Nimble Milk Buster really better than normal detergent. Our instant response to that is "Yeah baby!". We've got 7 reasons why we think Nimble Milk Buster is better.

#1 - It's tested to be better in removing milk residues

Intertek, an independent global testing agency, certifies that Nimble Milk Buster outperforms a regular washing-up liquid in removing milk residues.

The test was conducted by leaving a thick milk solution to dry at the bottom of a baby bottle. One set of the bottles was washed with Nimble Milk Buster and the other with a regular washing-up liquid. See the test result below:

Milk Buster is better

#2 - It's made with plant-based cleaning ingredients

Unlike regular washing-up liquids, Nimble uses plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, amino acids and sugar. These have the amazing ability to detach milk fat and proteins from plastic effectively, and leaves your bottle free from cloudiness.

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#3 - It works on both breast milk and formula milk

Breast milk and formula milk are quite different from each other in terms of nutrients for baby, but both contain fat and proteins that attach to bottles easily. Nimble Milk Buster detaches these fats and proteins easily, and prevents that oily film from milk residues building up in the bottles.

#4 - It doesn't have chemical fragrances

Nimble Milk Buster's patented formula uses a unique ingredient that absorbs smelly milk odours without having to use chemical fragrances. Your bottle will just smell clean, like clean water, not artificially citrus or floral.

#5 - Mums love the easy-spray nozzle

The easy-spray nozzle targets and reaches the nooks and crannies of the bottles, and especially teats, where the milk residues tend to build up.

#6 - It is multi-purpose

Besides just milk bottles, Nimble Milk Buster works well to remove milk residues in your breast pumps, sippy cups, and even coffee machines and protein shakers! It can be used to clean just about anything that touches milk.

#7 - Value for Money

Each 200ml bottle can be used up to 400 washes, or about 2 months with regular use. Because of its spray nozzle, cleaning is very targetted and nothing is wasted.

Don't just take our word for it, here's some reviews from moms:

"So easy to use! It removes the milk residue from the teat & bottle without a problem & almost perfectly cleans the smelly bit of my bottle. I'd certainly recommend it." - Kat, Made for Mums Awards 2017 Judge

"My favourite bottle cleaner! Absolutely love it! With just a few squirts, it gets rid of all those nasty milk residues." - Sarah-Jane Honeywell, Ex-CBeeBies Presenter

"I couldn't live without it! It removes the milk smell from the bottles very well that regular washing-up liquid can't" - Amisha Mody, Baby Buyer

Love it? Buy it today!

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