Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe, also known as Sophie the giraffe, is a baby teether and toy that is still made in France. It is made of natural rubber, and decorated with food quality paint, and is still handmade using 14 manual processes today.

Sophie la girafe Features

Sophie la girafe stimulates all the 5 senses, which makes it very interesting to your inquisitive baby. Here's how Sophie la girafe entertains your little one:


Sophie la girafe has dark spots on a light beige background. To a baby at about 6 months old with a developing sense of sight, this looks shimmery and exciting! 

Sophie la girafe Sight


"Squeak squeak". That's the unique sound that each Sophie la girafe makes. Newborn and young babies respond best to high-pitched sounds, and Sophie's squeaks will entertain your baby. 

Sophie la girafe - Sense of Hearing


Babies love the soft texture of natural rubber. The long legs and slender neck are easy for baby to grasp as they chew onto the knobbly parts on Sophie la girafe.  

Sophie la girafe - Sense of Touch


Sophie la girafe is made of natural rubber, so there's the aroma of the material. Although the smell is unusual for toys, the scent is fascinating for your baby. 

Sophie la girafe Smell


Babies love putting Sophie la girafe into their mouths to chew. The small rounded horns and ears of Sophie help to soothe teething pains when the small pearlies are sprouting. Sophie la girafe's long legs help to soothe baby when growing molars. In addition, babies love licking the ridged mane of Sophie la girafe. 


Why do we love Sophie la girafe?

We used Sophie la girafe on our 3 kids. Our eldest boy used to chew on Sophie's leg, while bending Sophie's soft body. This made Sophie la girafe squeak, and he loved it! It used to make him laugh. Here's him in his seat in the car.

Our daughter loved to kiss Sophie's mane, and munch on Sophie's head as she grew her teeth. 

Our littlest one also loved Sophie's legs. He didn't squeak Sophie la girafe much though.

All our little ones loved Sophie la girafe, and we proudly recommend this wonderful product to you. We are certain your babies will love Sophie la girafe too! 

Interested to get a Sophie la girafe for your baby too? 

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