Taking care of your Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe is made from 100% natural rubber and decorated with food paint. As such, Sophie needs just a little more care than usual plastic toys.

How to care for Sophie la girafe

How do I clean Sophie la girafe?

All you need to clean Sophie la girafe is to use a moist cloth to clean the surface. There's a little hole at the back of Sophie la girafe where the squeaker is, and you must ensure that water does not enter this little hole during cleaning.

As such, it is important to refrain from rinsing or submerging Sophie la girafe and from placing the toy in the dishwasher.

If required, it is possible to spend more time scrubbing with your cloth moistened with soapy water. In fact, the longer the time spent scrubbing the product with soap, the more effective the cleaning.

To see a visual explanation of the cleaning instructions for Sophie la girafe, please watch our video:

Can I sterilise Sophie la girafe?

No, both steam and UV sterilisation cannot be used for Sophie la girafe.

What happens if some water enters Sophie la girafe?

If it's just a little water seeping in while you're cleaning Sophie la girafe, there is not much to worry. You will end up with a silent Sophie for a few days until the water in Sophie's squeaker dries out.

Sophie la girafe has a unique L-shaped squeaker, which helps prevent water from going into Sophie la girafe. Hence, as long as you do not soak Sophie underwater, the squeaker will help to prevent water from getting into Sophie la girafe.