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Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming

The Snoozebaby Sensory Comfort Toy, now widely known as the Sweet Dreaming (25 cm x 25 cm) because when babies cuddle or play with this cloth full of different ultra-soft labels, they become noticeably calm and happy. The twelve labels on this comfort toy are sure to bring pleasure to your little one. By fidgeting, playing, thumb-sucking or cuddling with the labels, your child’s fine motor skills are stimulated and developed further. A comfort toy that offers peace, comfort and solace; very useful if your child wants to fall asleep in its bed or during a long car ride. 

The idea behind this comfort toy arose when in 2004 a premature baby with start-up difficulties was born. He found peace and comfort by touching soft fabrics; he was completely relaxed and while rubbing on the fabrics searched for his thumb. He stopped crying and fell asleep, a respite for his parents! Besides the 12 labels on this comfort toy, two types of fabrics are used: these fabrics absorb the scent from the mother (or father); your baby will in turn be able to smell your body scent and calm itself to sleep while lying in bed. Your baby will feel at ease because of its sense of smell. Anything to make your baby a Snoozebaby.

Snoozebaby - Sweet Dreaming