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attipas Toddler Shoes - Giraffe (Navy)

attipas Toddler Shoes - Giraffe (Navy)

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Attipas from Korea are the number one choice of shoes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, Attipas will support your little one from their very first steps until 4 years of age. Based on seven years of research, Attipas are award-winning and have been endorsed by Australian podiatrists. Lightweight. Flexible. Convenient. Breathable. Safe. Attipas shoes are Walking Science™.

The five key benefits include:

–  Convenience: Strong, Smooth, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Fast-Drying
–  Breathable: Superior, breathable fine holes release heat (International Patent)
–  Big Toe Box: Free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
–  Safety: Non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of formaldehyde
–  Lightweight & Flexible: Super lightweight, just like wearing socks!


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