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OMY Gel Pencils

OMY Gel Pencils

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Immerse yourself in a revolutionary artistic experience with our Gel Pencils!

Why adopt them?

  • Ultra-Fondant Gel Texture: An innovative texture that glides on the paper with incomparable softness, offering unparalleled comfort during use.
  • Vibrant and Brilliant Colours: Bright, brilliant, full-coverage shades that bring your creations to life with vibrancy and intensity.
  • Ideal for Everyone: Perfect for little hands and big artists, these pencils make colouring child's play, with no effort!
  • Watercolourable with Water: With a simple brush and water, these pencils transform into a watercolour palette, allowing you to create unique and sublime effects!
  • For who? For all budding artists and art professionals looking for a new dimension in their creativity!

Gel Pencils, designed with passion in France by OMY, are much more than ordinary pencils. They open the doors to a world of fluid and captivating artistic expression!


Contents: 1 box of 9 pencils
Designed in France by OMY

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