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Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe Cosy Play Cushion

Sophie la girafe Cosy Play Cushion

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On the fun side: 2 positions to evolve as your baby grows!

  • While on his front, your baby can discover many activities, while strengthening the muscles of his neck and back
  • While sitting, the cushion can be placed on baby's lap to support your baby, thanks to its ergonomic shape.

A multitude of activities to explore to awaken baby's senses: a teething ring, a transparent rattle, a mirror, leaves with a funny crumpled paper sound, different textures...

On the resting side: with its rounded and ergonomic shape, the cushion envelops baby and offers him a very comfortable resting place!

  • Ideal after the bottle or the feeding, to facilitate the digestion of baby.
  • With soft colors conducive to relaxation.

Machine washable once the little toys are removed.

Age: 0 months +

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