Sophie la girafe Discovery Book

  • S$ 34.90

A sensory book to discover for your baby.

The protruding parts of the book encourage baby to turn the pages and discover different surprises: Kiwi the bird hiding behind a cloud, Sophie la girafe playing hide and seek with the leaves, the pyramid of crackling sand...

To awaken baby's senses, there are many activities to discover:

Taste: a teething ring to chew on to relieve baby's sore gums.
Hearing: a "poet-poet" and crumpled paper to entertain baby.
Touch: Different materials to discover.
Sight: Bright, contrasting colors to attract attention and awaken the eye.
Fine motor skills: several elements to manipulate

This toy is practical - the universal hook allows to leave it always near baby (stroller, park ...).

Age: 3 months +.
Dimensions : 260 x 250 x 40 mm

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