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Traeumeland CAREFOR Cushion Midi (2 - 8 months)

Traeumeland CAREFOR Cushion Midi (2 - 8 months)

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A special baby cushion designed for the prevention and remedying of head deformations like plagiocephaly.

In order to prevent the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), babies should mainly sleep on their backs. An unwanted consequence of sleeping on the back is the increasing number of cranium deformations, in particular the flattening of the rear of the head.

Because babies' craniums are still soft at first, one-sided lying positions can lead to deformation of the head. The unique 2-chamber cushion developed by Traeumeland holds the head in the optimum position. It can then develop its normal physiological shape and existing asymmetries can be counteracted. The neck receives optimum support and the little head can move around easily.

  • Prevention of deformations: Use cushion without removing the cushion contents.
  • Remedy in case of existing deformations: Through targeted removal of cushion contents, the deformed area is relieved of strain.
  • Ages: 2 - 8 month


  • Unique 2-chamber cushion
  • Supports neck optimally
  • Special breathable 3D air pocket material
  • Prevents sweating in neck area and back of the head
  • Inclusive of a TENCEL™ cover


  • Cover: TENCEL™
  • Cushion: 100% polyester, made of breathable 3D air-cushion material
  • Filling: 100% hollow fibre in the form of polyester beads
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