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Traeumeland VISCO Care Wedge-Cushion

Traeumeland VISCO Care Wedge-Cushion

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Special baby cushion for optimum elevation of babies' upper bodies

The wedge-cushion VISCO has many application possibilities and is mainly used to position the baby on its back if it has a cold or if it tends to be sick frequently, or on its stomach for early development promotion.

In addition, the wedge-cushion VISCO can be combined with the CARE side positioning set. For this purpose, hook and eye tapes are located on the CARE side positioning set rolls which can also be fastened to the wedge-cushion VISCO. The wedge-cushion VISCO is perfectly ventilated through the vertical air channels in the foam and the 3D air-cushion-layer.

Target age: 0 - 8 month


  • Vertical air channels in the foam for high breathability 
  • integrated 3D-Air support for unique air permeability
  • Foam responds to warmth and pressure


Cover: 100 % polyester, integrated 3D air-cushion-layer
Due to their numerous individual polyester threads, 3D air-cushion layers are incomparably breathable and extremely point-by-point elastic. This allows your baby to breathe more freely, without sweating
Filling: Visco-elastic foam
This form reacts to pressure and adapts optimally to your baby's body. The open-pore structure makes the visco-elastic foam particularly breathable.

Washing Instructions

Only wash the removable cover

Traeumeland Care Washing Instructions

  • Washable at 60 degrees
  • Do not bleach
  • Suitable for gentle drying
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
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